Save £1.50! 30ml Saver Set. 3 x 30ml Bottles of Argan Oil. £3.49 each.

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Save £1.50 when you buy this Argan Saver Set - 3 x 30ml bottles of pure Argan Oil. 

Our pure Argan Oil is 100% natural and certified organic. There are no additives or preservatives and it's free from artificial ingredients, synthetic colours and perfumes. 

Argan Oil has been used in Morocco for centuries to nourish and protect skin, hair and nails. 

It helps to protect and moisturised the skin, combats dry skin, reduces signs of visible ageing and tackles the appearance of wrinkles and damage caused by stress, sun and wind. 

Argan Oil is ideal for all skin types, including the most senstive skin. It adds a beautiful healthy sheen to hair, leaving it feeling silky soft and smooth. Argan Oil can be used with lemon juice to repair and strengthen damaged and brittle nails. 

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