How To Use Soybean Oil Massage Candles

Just light your massage candle then wait until it melts enough to form a pool of massage oil – this usually takes around 20-30 minutes. Put the candle out, then dip your fingers into the oil, or drip the massage oil onto the body, and massage gently into the skin. Soy wax candles burn at a temperature only slightly higher than your normal body temperature, so you don’t have to worry about the massage oil burning your skin. Make sure to put the flame out before using your massage candle as the flame itself can burn!

You can use the 100% natural ingredients anywhere on your body and all ingredients are skin safe. Massage the oil directly into your skin, especially on dry spots like elbows and heels, great too for treating dry cuticles. Use sparingly – a small amount of oil goes a long way to leaving your skin feeling smooth, soft and pleasantly scented.  


Warning: not suitable for people with nut allergies, keep out of reach of children, stop use in the unlikely event of irritation, do not consume.